Tetrahedra is a company started in order to promote talent, skills, music and passion.  Above all, to inspire.  Musicians and artists get opportunity to start their own virtual clothing business, and to sponsor “up and coming” kids as they pursue their dreams.  We want to spread the opportunity to all who join The Tetrahedra Nation.


The strongest of all shapes.  Tetrahedra are transcendent geometrical shapes having four triangular sides, three of which meet at each vertex and the fourth side supporting the other three.  The concept of Tetrahedra is rooted in mathematics, art, science, and philosophy. The prefix “Tetra” is Greek for the number four, ie. the four wheels of a skateboard.  Tetrahedra are the most stable and efficient structures on earth, which explains why the pyramids still stand today. Ancient philosophers related the four sides of Tetrahedra to air, earth, fire and water.  We think of it as the convergence of music, art and skate based upon the Tetrapreneur spirit.

Street Team: Tetrahedra entrepreneurial program

  • If you support our cause, you’re in the nation.
  • If you wear our clothes, you’re in the nation.
  • If you contribute to our blog, you’re in the nation.
  • If you become sponsored, you’re in the nation.
  • If you apply to become a Street Team program member, you’re in the nation.

Sign up on Facebook.  Follow us on Twitter.  Shoot us an email.  Let us know you are interested in joining our Street Program sales team.  You will be sent a sales kit.  You will hit your streets.  Stores. Friends. Community.  You will be given the ability to represent The Tetrahedra Nation and sell.  With each sale you are given points towards future clothing and 25% commission !